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Convention weekend

Almost forgot, this is a convention weekend. I'll be in Boston, for Arisia this weekend.

As always, I've got some programming assignments (actually, just a few this year, and surprisingly, all on one day):

Saturday at 1pm in Burroughs (3E): "Cinematic Writing and SF/F" with James Macdonald, Marlin May, John Scalzi, and Sarah Smith.

Saturday at 7pm in Marina 1 (2E): "The Ridiculous SF Premise" with Mark L Amidon, Ken Kingsgrave-Ernstein, B. Diane Martin, and Stephen R Wilk.

Saturday at 10pm in Alcott (3W): "Rockets & Lasers & Space Adventures!" with A Joseph Ross, Mehitbel Glenhaber, and Stephen R Wilk.

Even though all my panels are on Saturday, I'll be there the whole weekend, spending a lot of time in the dealers' room at the Fantastic Books table (we're open Friday 5–9pm, Saturday 10am-7pm, Sunday 10am-7pm, and Monday 10am-2:30pm). So come see me! Hope to see some of you this weekend.

Convention weekend

Oh, by the way, I'll be at Philcon this weekend, in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. (Yeah, I know, I should have posted earlier. Life, work, etc.)

As per usual, I'll be spending many hours in the dealers' room at the Fantastic Books table (come visit! look at the wonderful books! offer to stand there for an hour so I can do a panel!). I'm also on programming:

Friday at 8pm in Plaza IV: "Science Fiction in the Headlines" with Mary Spila, Darrell Schweitzer, David Walton, and Meredith Schwartz.

Saturday at 3pm in Plaza III: "The Value of Editors" with Sally Wiener Grotta, Jon McGoran, Neil Clarke, Brian Koscienski, and Peter Prellwitz.

Saturday at 6pm in Crystal Ballroom Two: "It's 2015, Where's My Flying Car?" with JJ Brannon, Peter Prellwitz, Rock Robertson, and Inge Heyer.

Sunday at 12n in Plaza III: "Remembering Tanith Lee" with Darrell Schweitzer, Keith R.A. DeCandido, and Diane Weinstein.

Hope to see some of you there!

Comic con today, Capclave tomorrow

I spent my one day at New York Comic Con today, but didn't bother taking any pictures (1. it was too crowded; 2. I only had one day, so I wasn't slowing down to take pictures; 3. I figure there are already a gazillion others you can go look at). It was an overwhelming experience, because unlike most of my friends who have many years experience at comic cons, my only experience is the press day at NYCC the last few years, except this year, it wasn't the press day, it was just the first day of a four-day convention (actually, it may have been the same way last year, now that I think back on it). Anyway, it was overwhelming because there were tens of thousands of people there (or at least, registered for the weekend, and planning to be there the next days). I could only spend the one day, because tomorrow I'm going to Capclave, which with 500 or 800 people in attendance (or however many they get) is going to feel positively deserted in comparison.

So I walked in less than two hours after the place opened, looked around and thought, "this is a LOT of people." Then I thought, "there are a lot of kids here, too (like aged 5 to teenagers). Aren't they supposed to be in school?" But whatever, I decided their presence was, in almost all cases, examples of good parenting. Then I thought, "All this neat costuming stuff; those kids are all set for Halloween." And then I thought, "Halloween? They're in costumes right now! How could Halloween be any better for them (other than the proper application of candy)."

One odd thing I thought I noticed was the huge lines and massive crowds of people buying from (or lined up to buy from) dealers selling all kinds of related merchandise (games, costumes, clothes, toys, etc.) and the relatively few people patronizing the comics dealers (with their racks and boxes of, you know, comic books). Just noticing, not judging.

I saw some remarkable art, some wonderful chazerai, all sorts of nifty things, and lots of people in very good costumes. I also saw a few people I actually knew: Keith DeCandido at a table with his books, Steve Saffel behind his Titan Books table, David Mack and Lawrence M. Schoen at the Tor Books table, Kelly M. Kotulak, Thomas Nackid, and Ross Field at the Hibernacula table, and Marjorie Liu at her table in artists' alley.

Thinking back on the day, I saw a lot of money changing hands, even for the first day of a four-day event, and a lot of it was at tables selling books (as opposed to comics and other stuff), so I am reconsidering not being there as a dealer, mulling over ways to make it work next year. So, that's something else I'm thinking about.

Now to finish preparations to hit the road early tomorrow morning: Maryland, here I come.

Capclave this weekend

I'm temporarily back home, but leaving again Friday, this time for Capclave. If you're going to be in the Gaithersburg, Maryland, area, check out this good science fiction convention that focuses on the written stuff. And if you're there looking for me, I'll be in the dealers' room at the Fantastic Books table (Friday, 4-7pm; Saturday 10am-6pm; and Sunday, 11am-2pm). I'm also on programming:

Friday at 6pm in Salon A: "The Logistics of Space Warfare" with Roger MacBride Allen and Thomas McCabe.

Saturday at 3pm in Rockville/Potomac: "Small Press Vs. Self-Publishing" with Roger MacBride Allen, Martin Berman-Gorvine, and Scott Edelman.

Saturday at 7pm in Frederick: "Big Authors & Small Press" with Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Shahid Mahmud, and Lawrence Watt-Evans.

Anyone interested in helping staff the table (especially during the Friday at 6 and Saturday at 3 panels) would be very much appreciated.

Hope to see some of you there!

Pi-Con this weekend

Don't recall if I mentioned that this weekend is another science fiction convention: Pi-Con​ in Windsor Locks, Connecticut. Actually the hotel is in Bradley International Airport. I will (of course) be in the dealers' room for much of the weekend, but I'm also well-programmed:

Friday, 3pm: "What Editors Look For" (part of the writers' workshop).
Saturday, 10am: "Are SF and Fantasy Anti-Democratic?" with Susan de Guardiola, Lisa Evans, and Carl Fink.
Saturday, 3pm: "Has Fandom Abandoned SF?" with Susan de Guardiola, Walter Hunt, and Catt Kingsgrave.
Saturday, 5pm: "What is a Book Worth?" with Jennifer Bresnick, Nicholas Checker, and, Trisha J. Wooldridge.
Sunday, 11am: "The Pros and Perils of the Prime Directive" with Susan de Guardiola and Ken Kingsgrave-Ernstein.

Looking at that list, I'm realizing they've given me a lot of panels with question marks in the title. Wonder if that means something?

Anyway, hope to see some of you there.

Ravencon this weekend

Another weekend, another convention. The next month is going to be filled with opportunities for me to get exhausted.

This weekend, it's a new one for me: Ravencon, in Richmond, Virginia. As always, I'll be spending a lot of time at the Fantastic Books table in the dealers' room. And since we're launching three books this weekend (Allen Steele's "Tales of Time and Space", Bud Sparhawk's "Distant Seas", and Tom Purdom's "Romance on Four Worlds" -- all of which received starred reviews in Publishers Weekly), I'm hoping to be very busy. But I won't be chained to the table all weekend, because I'm also on programming. My schedule, as far as I know it at the moment, is:

Friday at 6PM in Ballroom C: "85th Anniversary of Astounding Stories" with Bud Sparhawk.

Saturday at 3PM in Anna: "The Business End" with Rob Balder, Karen McCullough, and D. Alexander Ward.

Saturday at 5PM in Bon Air: "Fantastic Books Book Launch" (where we officially debut those books) with Tom Purdom, Bud Sparhawk, and Allen Steele.

Saturday at 9PM in Cove: "Schmoozing 101" with R.S. Belcher, Kevin Kelleher, and KT Pinto.

Saturday at 11PM in Chesterfield: "The Eye of Argon" with Gail Z. Martin and Michael A. Ventrella.

Sunday at 1PM in Ballroom E: "Let's Build a Space Habitat" with Jim Beall, Paula S. Jordan, Allen Steele, and Michael Z. Williamson.

Okay, that's a lot. Looks like I'm going to be busy this weekend. Hope to see some of you there!

Convention weekend: Arisia

Coming up this weekend: Arisia '15 (in the Westin Hotel, Boston). As always, I'll be at the Fantastic Books table in the dealers' room (open 5-9pm Friday; 9:30am-6:30pm Saturday and Sunday; 9:30am-2:30pm Monday). Additionally, we'll be running a room party Friday night (at least, that's the current plan). More details when we get there. and my schedule (for those of you interested in, you know, programming stuff):

Saturday, 10am: Short Story Contest (in Hancock 2) with Elaine Isaak and Abby Hafer.

Saturday, 11:30pm: Eye of Argon (in Marina 1) with Keith DeCandido, Walter H. Hunt, Daniel M. Kimmel, and Hildy Silverman.

Sunday, 2:30pm: Story Autopsy (in Alcott) with James L. Cambias, John P. Murphy, Thom Dunn, and M.L. Elaine M Brennan

Sunday, 10pm: Does It Matter If SF Is Wrong About the Future? (in Marina 2) with Erik Amundsen, John C. McDaid, Walter H. Hunt, and B. Diane Martin.

Monday, 11:30am: Where the Hell is Everyone? (in Alcott) with Don Sakers, Richard Moore, Ken Olum, and Justine Graykin.

Hope to see some of you there.

NorthEast Comic Con

Other things coming to mind (and coming up on the calendar): Fantastic Books will have a booth at the NorthEast Comic Con 2014, which will be December 6 and 7 in Wilmington, Massachusetts. It's a bit different from the usual shows I've been doing, but I'm looking to expand, and they seem to be doing things well, so I'm going to try it. Admission tickets are cheaper than the average sf convention, and if you register by the end of November, you can use my discount code for an extra discount: NECCGRP5.

Among the man guests they're hyping are Xander from Buffy, the original Mike TV, and the original Eddie Munster. Should be an interesting weekend.

Philcon this weekend

The latest freelance project is out the door, invoice and all, and now I get to catch up on everything I've missed the past week. Of course, I only have 36 hours to catch up, because them I'm off to Philcon. If you're heading to Cherry Hill (New Jersey) this weekend, you can catch up with me in the dealers' room pretty much all the time (at the Fantastic Books table). Beyond the confines of that room (filled with really cool stuff), I've got a fairly light programming schedule:

Sat 6:00 PM in Crystal Ballroom Two: "Can Good Stories be Based on Bad Science?" with Inge Heyer, Anthony L. Selletti, Diane Kovalcin, and Christie Meierz.

Sun 10:00 AM in Plaza V (Five): "Separating the Author from the Work" with Muriel Hykes, Sharon Lee, Peter Prellwitz, and Oz Drummond.

Sun 1:00 PM in Crystal Ballroom Two: "Conspiracies and SF" with James L. Cambias, Muriel Hykes, and Alexis Gilliland.