Book! (Again)

This time, I wasn't surprised by an unexpected advance copy of the book. Rather, I'd ordered some copies to have them here for a launch party I'm hosting. So when the box showed up, with the side labeled in large letters "RANKING THE VICE PRESIDENTS", I pretty much knew what was going to be inside. Nevertheless, I'm very excited to announce the arrival of my newest book (official -publication date is still August 16th)!


A three-way race is possible and potentially interesting

Data point: CNN’s latest poll says “In a four-way matchup between [Democrat Hillary] Clinton, [Republican Donald] Trump, [Libertarian Gary] Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Clinton carries 42%, Trump 37%, Johnson 13% and Stein 5%.” [See this article.]

Data point: The Washington Post reports that “Both candidates remain highly unpopular — the two most unpopular in the history of Post-ABC polling. By about 2 to 1 (64 percent to 31 percent), Americans view Trump unfavorably. Clinton’s numbers are not quite as negative — 42 percent favorable and 54 percent unfavorable. Half of all registered voters say they have strongly unfavorable views of Trump, while 47 percent say they have strongly unfavorable views of Clinton — the highest ever in a Post-ABC poll for her.” [See this article.]

Data point: The Commission on Presidential Debate says that to be invited to participate in a debate, a candidate must be polling at 15% or more. [See this page.]

Combine those data points, and I’ve decided to urge everyone, if you are included in a political opinion poll, to tell the pollster you support Gary Johnson. I’m not asking you to change your vote (if you’ve already decided who you’re supporting, and apparently 80% of the electorate has already made that decision), and I’m not asking you to vote for any candidate. But I think the debates would be fascinating, and the campaign would be much more interesting than the current cesspool we’re wading through, if it did start to look like a three-way race.

They're real!

A FedEx truck just showed up with an unexpected box: author copies of Ranking the First Ladies. So that one which showed up by itself isn't a fluke: the book really does exist!

California appearance

Just got confirmation that I will be speaking at American Mensa's Annual Gathering this summer in San Diego, California. My talk will be Sunday, July 3rd, at 12noon. Titled "Hail to the Chiefs! (And their Vice Presidents, and First Ladies…)", you can probably guess what I'll be talking about. July 3rd is the final day of the AG, and while noon is not the final programming slot, it's pretty darn close, so I'll be hoping to grab enough people who are staying to the bitter end to make sure the audience isn't depressingly small. On the up-side, I'm hoping to have finished copies of Ranking the First Ladies with me at the talk (the official publication date is July 5th); I don't think I'll have copies of Ranking the Vice Presidents (the publication date of which is early August).