ianrandalstrock (ianrandalstrock) wrote,

Wouldn't it be cool?...

Had a thought last night, walking home and squinting at the jerk in the car up the block with his high-beams on. Wouldn't it be cool if there was a sensor in cars that automatically dimmed the high-beams when it sensed there was oncoming traffic? How many times have I had to squint or move my mirrors because of some jerk who needs his lights putting out eight million candlepower… in heavy traffic with lots of lights? That'd be a nice device (of course, it would have to be installed on the jerk's car, so how a car manufacturer would pitch such a thing as a feature I don't know). Anyway, there it is, for all you inventors out there.

And today, walking around Manhattan, and seeing at least a dozen of the little spy cameras the police have installed, I got to thinking that one of the next big things in personal security or privacy (aside from making sure the FBI's proposed biometric database doesn't come into existence) is makeup that will mess with the cameras. Again, I'm not sure how it would work, but I'm guessing some sort of glitter, micro-sized glass chips or mirrors, perhaps some absorbent material, something to make it that much harder to record or transmit the image through a tv camera. Again, I'm giving these away to whichever inventors can do it. (A little credit or a sample would be nice.)
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