ianrandalstrock (ianrandalstrock) wrote,

Recommending Allen Steele's Arkwright

I just finished reading Allen Steele's novel Arkwright (which I didn't publish, but I won't hold that against him). For a space-exploration nut like me, it's kind of depressing, because his theorizing of what's to come is probably spot on. On the other hand, he does present a plausible method for getting humanity out into the cosmos. He grabbed me early in the book with his scenes set at the 1939 WorldCon; a feeling of nostalgia and loss, because I met a few of those people much later in their lives, and now they're gone, so seeing them much younger was nice. There's also a good homage to Isaac Asimov's Foundation series (you don't have to have read Foundation, but it feels good if you have). Anyway, overall, a very good book: recommended.

And if, after reading it, you start scanning the heavens looking for Eos, try this article.
Tags: review
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