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Ted Cruz picks Carly Fiorina: good move?

Did Ted Cruz just guarantee himself a trip to an open convention, in exchange for giving away the bargaining chip that might get him the nomination?

I listened to Ted Cruz's announcement today, that he has chosen a Vice Presidential running mate (something that isn't normally done for the primaries, but what the heck, it's a strange election this go-round).

Then I listened to Carly Fiorina's speech accepting the role. Not bad. Not great, but not bad. But I think they're positioning her improperly at this point. One thing that caught my ear was her comment about how wealthy Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are out of touch with the real people like you and me, because she included herself in that "non-wealthy" group. Sure, a net worth of $60 million is out of Trump's league (and probably Clinton's), but it is far and above the average American. It would have been much better, I think, if she'd positioned herself as a business executive with skills equal to Trump's, that would have changed his uniqueness (business acumen among a field of politicians) into just a feature that was shared with another ticket. Her presence on the ticket does remove Clinton's uniqueness as the only woman in the field.

I also listened to some of the post-announcement commentary. "Why did he make this announcement?" "Why did he pick her?" "Did they do a good job on stage?" It got very tedious, very quickly.

Why did he pick her? To remind people that he's still running, to draw media attention away from the front-runners, to try to cut into Hillary Clinton's seeming lock on the female vote due to the fact that she is female, to help him in the upcoming California primary. Actually, that last one is probably the biggest, because he knows there's a chance Trump can win the nomination before the convention, in which case he's done. But if Cruz can win California, the race may just continue all the way to the convention. And he needs to get to the convention if he wants any chance of winning the nomination. But this particular decision, at this point, if he gets his immediate goal (an open convention) may come back to bite him at the convention: he's just given away a major bargaining chip. He can't offer anybody the Vice Presidency in exchange for getting the nomination. Fiorina may be a good Vice Presidential running mate, but she can't give him anything to get the nomination except, maybe, her California roots.

We now return you to the horse-race journalism we've been suffering through during this year's primary season (of which, I admit, this commentary is a part).
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