ianrandalstrock (ianrandalstrock) wrote,

Touching guns makes one evil?

Just now on CNN, the current "issue" was that in last night's Democratic debate, once again, Bernie Sanders said gun manufacturers and gun dealers -- who follow the laws and sell guns legally -- should not be open to lawsuits when guns are used to kill people. CNN had an outraged family member shocked that he could possibly believe this.

The part that surprises me the most is that Sanders hasn't said "Wait a minute. The law says it is legal to make and sell these things under certain circumstances. Why should the manufacturers or retailers be liable if they've adhered to the law? Why should they be liable if a legal customer then misused their product? When a car crash injures someone, the victim's family doesn't (and shouldn't be able to) sue the car dealer that sold the car, or the auto manufacturer. Why is it only guns?" Consider the recent spate of "slashings" in New York City: none of these victims are going to bring suit against the knife manufacturers, or the stores that sold those knives. Only guns.
Tags: government, political theory
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