ianrandalstrock (ianrandalstrock) wrote,

Convention weekend

Almost forgot, this is a convention weekend. I'll be in Boston, for Arisia this weekend.

As always, I've got some programming assignments (actually, just a few this year, and surprisingly, all on one day):

Saturday at 1pm in Burroughs (3E): "Cinematic Writing and SF/F" with James Macdonald, Marlin May, John Scalzi, and Sarah Smith.

Saturday at 7pm in Marina 1 (2E): "The Ridiculous SF Premise" with Mark L Amidon, Ken Kingsgrave-Ernstein, B. Diane Martin, and Stephen R Wilk.

Saturday at 10pm in Alcott (3W): "Rockets & Lasers & Space Adventures!" with A Joseph Ross, Mehitbel Glenhaber, and Stephen R Wilk.

Even though all my panels are on Saturday, I'll be there the whole weekend, spending a lot of time in the dealers' room at the Fantastic Books table (we're open Friday 5–9pm, Saturday 10am-7pm, Sunday 10am-7pm, and Monday 10am-2:30pm). So come see me! Hope to see some of you this weekend.
Tags: appearances, conventions
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