ianrandalstrock (ianrandalstrock) wrote,

Locus likes "Dancing Through the Fire"

Just found a copy of the October issue of Locus, which has a review of Tanith Lee's Dancing Through the Fire. Not skimping on words, Faren Miller makes it quite clear that she likes both the book and Tanith Lee. In part, she says "Dancing Through the Fire, subtitled 'A Collection of Stories in Five Moves', is no random gathering. Tanith Lee selected, introduced, and arranged these works before she died in May, also writing the prologue that gives the book its title, plus three new pieces suited to its symphony of shifting moods. The novelette 'Burn Her' seems particularly bold.... The tales themselves can be eloquent, inspiring, wry -- skewed takes on famous Lovers(?) -- often, marvelously, all of the above.... 'Burn Her' dances through the flame to glimpse a beauty that can only be suggested -- not revealed or understood, while we still live."
Tags: fantastic books
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