ianrandalstrock (ianrandalstrock) wrote,

On the other hand, minor artistic despair closer to home

Went to the BWAC art show today. Some nice pieces, some eh. Not doing an art review, but something that caught my attention was three specific pieces. Three paintings, each of which incorporated a few words. And while the pieces were fairly well done, I was very surprised that they all had misspelled words in them. Typos are annoying in books and newspapers; in manuscripts, the author hopes there will be an editor along before their words are published. But in a painting, there is no editor, no intervening step between creation of the work and sharing it with the public, so checking your work really ought to be a must in the creative process, mustn't it? And remember, I'm not talking about the label describing the piece, which can be corrected during the show. I mean the actual paint on the canvas (or whichever media they were using).

And it's not like they're difficult words no one would notice: Welcome spelled without the final e, Bela Lugosi spelled with an extra e on the end (hey, maybe the were painted side by side? Nah), and Hires Root Beer spelled Hiers.

Come on, people, take a little pride in your work. If you were unsure of whether to use baking soda or baking powder in the dish you were cooking, you'd check the recipe, right? Well, if you're using words in your painting, how hard is it, really, to type them into a search engine, or open a dictionary?
Tags: art, education

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