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Some notes on my life

I really wasn't fishing for them, but thanks for the sympathy posts. What I actually meant was the typical freelancer's lament: there's been a lot of things keeping me very busy, but almost none of them bringing in money. The rest of you freelancers know what I'm talking about. And those of you who aren't, well, this is one of the times when I envy those of you with regular 9-to-5s.

But life hasn't been all bad, and there've been some nice things happening lately:

The BWAC Art Show (which runs through the 25th of October) opened on schedule, and included my work. Kit took this photo of me with my PhototalesTM during the opening:

Ian and his Phototales

A friend came into town (without giving me any advance warning), and we had dinner and spent a pleasant evening catching up.

We went to the opening of the New York Public Library's show, Mapping New York's Shoreline, 1609-2009, which has some wonderful pieces on display (maps and documents going all the way back to 1609), and is laid out very well. It's impressive, and open to the public for free, until next June.

Finally (or at least, most recently), I felt the urge for meringue cookies, but unlike when I usually have such urges, I googled a couple of recipes, found this one, and whipped up (literally) a batch of them. Really easy, and just what I wanted, at the moment. For those of you trying the recipe: the "flavoring extract" is vanilla (and I went heavy on the vanilla, as I usually do). I didn't have parchment paper, but just put right on the ungreased cookie sheet. Bake for three hours at 200 degrees, and the blobs of meringue cookies-to-be don't do anything: they don't spread, move, slump, change shape, nothing. They just sit there, getting harder (as they should). After the three hours, I let the tray sit in the open, turned-off oven for about 10 minutes to get down to room temperature, and then a spatula just popped them off the sheet. Yum!

Well, I'm still busy, still looking for paying work (if you know anyone in need of a freelance editor, point them at me; anyone with a niche book to publish, I may be interested; anyone interested in hiring a smart intellectual synthesist, I'm available), but really, no need to worry about big unnamed scaries. Thanks.
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